Welcome to my website!

My name is Mathilde de Graaf and this is my website. This website defines me. You can find a lot about me on this site. What I do, what I create. You can find out what studies I have done in the past and what study I am following at this moment.

On the ‘about me’ page you can download my resume in Dutch or English. There you will find my personal information, my (previous) studies, my software knowledge, internships I have done and my interests.

Under the link ‘portfolio’ you can take a peek at my work. This varies from 2D animation, 3D animation, video, interviews, photos to drawings that I like to make for work, school or just in my free time. You can also see projects I worked on during my internship at Veronica Superguide via this link.

I always try to create new things and make myself better in whatever I do or what I make. I try to raise the bar for myself to continue to create new awesome things.


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